We're About Foundations

Baselevel Foundations are your foundation specialists – our area of expertise is ‘everything below the floor’ whether it be a new foundation or foundation re-levelling and repairs.

Re-levelling & Repairing Foundations
We have a range of repair and re-levelling techniques at our disposal to repair your foundations. The first step in our process is to assess your requirements with a site visit and then gather the necessary information to provide a written recommendation for how we recommend the project should proceed.

Some of the most common repair techniques we use are:

Screw Piles, Temporary or Permanent

– Underpins, Temporary or Permanent

– Jack & Pack

– Over-pinning

– General sub-floor timber repair or replacement

– Epoxy repairs

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New Foundation Solutions
At Baselevel Foundations, we think outside of the box to help you and your chosen designer and/or engineer find a solution that will best suit your needs. We’re always on the look out for new foundation techniques so that we can help provide the best foundation solutions for you. We can also help with more conventional foundation repair strategies and builds.

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Baselevel Foundations provides the following services

– Re-levelling & Repairs.

– Poor Ground TC3/2 Solutions.

– New Foundations.

– Consulting.

– Engineered Solutions.

– Light Weight Solutions.

– Seismic Isolation.